“Beautiful handmade jewellery, value for money, bound to grab attention wherever you go, love it! I have the pleasure of having several pieces of jewellery from Paradise jewels collection, and have travelled round the world with it….not wanting to leave it behind. So great to have Fashion & Swarovski – unique, beautiful jewellery and feel beautiful when you wear it.”

Magan S Booth (London)

“I was really pleased with the necklace, bracelet and earrings I bought from Paradise Jewels. They were so different from anything I could find in the shops. I knew when I wore them I would never see anyone else wearing the same thing, as this jewellery is so unique.”
Anu Verma (Vancouver)

“Paradise Jewels designs are a refreshing mix of contemporary flair mixed with a classic high quality. The subtle but distinctive mix of colours and textures exemplify Paradise passion for jewellery that fits every occasion.”

Alvaro Gracia (Houston Tex.)

“The collection pieces from Paradise Jewels are amazing, the hues and colours used in the designs are perfect, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. I love the personal touch to the handcrafted jewellery – you can just sense what care and attention goes into every piece.”
Bazip Psoar (Los Angeles California)